Progress, Just Making Progress

Check it ooout...
Yup, so I've started assembling the quilt top. I really like this quilt, even if I'm not 100% on board with the colors, I think the texture of the blocks and fabrics really carries it.

The border, just laid out. Again, not too sure on the
I think I will only be happy with this quilt once I've quilted it and put it all together. I'm thinking of doing some freeform quilting with white thread on the main body, and maybe some lavender on the border. I don't know. I am really happy with how neat everything is though. I can see all the flaws of course. ;)

So why was I so productive today while I'm still fighting off bronchitis?

AGH indeed.
Yup, it's almost my birthday, and there's this pile of boxes and cards taunting me on my DVD rack. I'm being really good (see Mom? I can be patient!) and not opening them until Saturday, but AGH BIRTHDAYS.

Not this again!
Yup, I'm already planning out the next quilt. A girl's gotta keep busy, you know, and I have two weeks of break coming up that are going to need to be filled with stuff. But what quilt could it be?

Math. I was told there would be no math.
I'm being a good girl and doing out all the calculations again, and it seems as though I may have over estimated how much fabric I'd need. Oh well, it's really cute fabric, so I'm not worried about finding a use for it again. What fabric is it? You're just going to have to wait to find out.

Stay healthy!


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