I am a complete doofus.

I forgot my rulers. So no quilting for the next two weeks. ARGH.

Luckily, I found another outlet for my procrastination (Senior project? What senior project?) in the form of my sister Christina.

The dread pirate sister, yarr!
She asked if I would be so kind as to help her work on a bag from a pattern she'd bought. After much fretting over the evil sewing machine (Me: "Christina, I sew while drinking on this machine, it's fine." Christina: "IT'S GOING TO BITE ME.") we got underway and now have a lovely pocket section. Unfortunately, the pattern also calls for batting for the bag proper as well as for the handles, so I'm going to introduce the sister to the joys of an early morning run to Jo-ann's tomorrow to fetch batting and some more fabric for a bag of my own, because A: the bag looks super cute, and B: I have some new sewing feet I want to try out, so I'm going to. So there. :P

Of course, as with any new endeavor there were a few issues, like forgetting to put the foot down before sewing.

And like a good sister, I used my mad skills and experience to pluck
out all the bad stitches.
She's lucky I love her. :P
In her defense, the fabric she's using is so adorably soft and plain adorable I can see why she got distracted. It's going to make an adorable little bag, and I'm very proud of her for going outside of her comfort zone to experiment with sewing. She's just as crafty a character as I am, and she was lucky enough to inherit the color sense gene, so she actually has the potential to be better at this than me. If only I can make her see that my little Janome isn't going to eat her.

I'll post pictures of my new feet and lovely presents from my birthday tomorrow hopefully, I'm all discombobulated from the temporary move back home.

Hope everyone's enjoying the tastes of spring!


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