Lancaster Quilt Show 2011, Part Two

A horse I made using the Flynn frame system. If only it weren't so
unwieldy for larger quilts!
And here we go with part two of possibly three from the Lancaster Quilt Show!

This one almost reminded me of a mandala, or an abstract galaxy or something. Love the richness of the red especially contrasted against the black.

A close up of the middle block. Can you say fractal?

Unfortunately mere pixels can not capture the pure trippiness of this quilt. My eyes were going in an out of focus trying to look at it and trying to make sense of it. The way the quilter laid it out looks really nice, and having the appliqued designs in the corners be cut in half for the middle helps to add to the feeling that we are being drawn in to the center.

We noticed this as we looked closer at the border; it looks like the
quilter ran out of one of the fabrics, because the triangles have several
different patterns in a random assortment. I think it would have looked better
if the triangles were randomly picked so that it wouldn't be so glaring an issue.
Still a lovely quilt!

This was another one you just had to see in person. I love the detail on the Ouroborous, especially with how the quilter used several different shades of each stripe to give it dimension. This was one of those quilts I would buy in a heartbeat if it were for sale. It's truly a piece of art. And I don't usually like non-tranditional quilts!

This one just made me stop and stare. As I've said before I have an unabiding passion for all things Japanese, and the stark beauty of this quilt fit that aesthetic perfectly. It could almost be a sumi-e painting.

Not to mention the beauty of using pastoral scenes
for the grey background. Lovely lovely quilt.

This one had really nice contrast between the rich purple and equally rich applique.

A funky sort of log cabin.

Just wow on the applique here. Even from as far back as I was when I took the picture you can see just how rich and vibrant the colors are.

Did I mention it was hand quilted?
Beautiful quilting. It was entirely white, no other fabrics, made purely to display
the beauty of quilting alone.
If you look closely, you'll see they used both white and blue thread.
Something about the lion in the middle of the nine-patches
just made me smile. I don't know why.
That's it for today... There's still quite a few more quilts I want to show off, and I haven't even gotten to my acquisitions! Unfortunately though my thesis is calling, and if I want to graduate I do need to get that done. So have fun looking through the pictures, and check back tomorrow for even more!



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