Lancaster Quilt Show 2011, Part Three

Look at the full size of this one, it's impressive.
Alright, so we're in the final stretch of the quilt show! Betcha didn't think I'd drag this out for almost a week now did you? ;)

Things are going to focus on the applique portion of the show from here on out, so buckle in and get ready for some amazing art.

I liked the serenity of this quilt; beautiful quilting on it, for sure, but there's something slightly Escher about the diamonds working their way into the water and the lilly pads.

Talk about color! This just captures the ethereal beauty of a sunset, and the contrast between the clouds and the pastel sky is enough to make me wish I was in Naples with my grandparents, waiting for the sun to set and for the green flash to occur.

I saw this one a mile away and I said to Ann, "You know I have to take a picture of this one." The different styles in the manes is just too cool to pass up, but I think I can see an ugaboo on the red horse's nose right beneath the mane. Oops! Doesn't hurt the quilt at all in my opinion, the red one's just got a blaze going on!

A detail shot on the horse. Love the almost fleur-de-lis pattern she used to quilt it!

Now, I'm not usually a fan of abstract, but the teal, maroon, grey, and red and black of this quilt perfectly fit the name "Winter Ice", especially since we've just gotten hammered at school this year! By snow and alcohol, but the latter is mostly due to the former. ;)

No, I did not sneak into the Impressionist Painting convention, this is a quilt. Made from looking at a painting by Monet, I think. I wish I'd gotten a detail on this one, but it's definitely worth clicking on to look at the full size so you can see the reflection in the water better. Absolutely mind-blowing, from the weeping willow to the wisteria.

If I ever need to show someone an artistic interpretation of a quasar I'll show them this quilt. There's something breathtaking about how the 'wings' of the light fade into darkness with both fabric choices and cutting designs. There is so much texture going on here, but it doesn't overwhelm the viewer.

A neat play on traditional diamonds with an applique/modern twist. The colors were much richer than my cruddy camera could capture, but feel free to enjoy it as is!

hurgaburg, the quilting!

This one made me giggle. If you zoom in on the picture you'll notice the name is "Microbial Misgivings I". Such a cute title for an unusual quilt.

Another trippy quilt. Definitely got a mandala vibe from it, but the geometry is simply astounding.

Again, the Japanophile in me is coming out. I adore traditional Japanese and Chinese style art, especially paintings, and this quilt captures the essence of those styles. It could almost be one of the ancient scrolls on bonsai; all it's missing is some elegant calligraphy off to the side.

Detail on one of  the branches. It was a neat 3D effect with
frayed fabrics.

Beautiful worksmanship on this one, and for good reason they gave it an honorable mention!

Soo... yeah, I'm still not done. There's still a ton of awesome applique quilts I want to show off, and since I can't really do any quilting myself at the moment I hope you all won't mind me continuing the quilt show for another few days.



  1. Do continue! It's interesting to see what you are seeing when you look at the quilts.


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