Shearing Services

I offer shearing services on a limited basis. I work full time and have a small daughter, so I'm only able to shear for happiness. My goal is not to put other shearers out of work, but to help small farms and flocks keep their animals healthy and happy. As Right Choice Shearing says, "Every animal, every year."

I'm located outside of Philadelphia, but am generally willing to travel up to 2 hours away from Montgomery County. Locations outside of that band will require an additional fee, to be determined at time of quote. I also accept payment partially in fiber at my discretion.

A map showing general locations I can travel to (

My price list is as follows. Note that it may change at any time, but once I quote a price it will remain the same unless one of the incidental fees applies (in italics, determined at time of shearing or during). Please note I charge less because I have a limited number of farms I can do.

Pre-Shearing Fees


  • $100/location if you're my only trip that day
  • $75/location and lower if you can coordinate with others or I'm already in the area.



  • $30/animal
  • $50/hour on site if the animals are not contained prior to my arrival
    • Contained means in a small catch pen, next to a location where I can set up my station
    • This is for my safety and the animals' comfort, chasing animals means they're less relaxed during shearing, and means they're sweatier which makes it harder and more dangerous to shear


  • $10/animal hoof trim
  • $20/animal crutched


You have 5 sheep, 4 of which need just hooves trimmed, 1 of which needs shearing and a trim. I have no other appointments in that area that day.

(5 x $30) + (4 x $10) + $100 = $290



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