Mischief with the sister.

The sister ironing.
So Christina and I continued our fabricky hijinks today with some more shopping and some more sewing.

Every time I come home I seem to take over the dining room. I don't see a problem with this, but my mother is constantly fretting about the table beneath. Clearly the only solution is for her to buy me a table I can work on in safety and peace.

The prints. Aren't they adorable?
We managed to finish up Christina's bag today, a fact which I am still trying to figure out. I mean, it should have taken us longer, right? We didn't miss anything, right?

Me doing some of the harder sewing. It was a joint effort.
The finished product.
Christina showing off her new accessory. Note the
heap of scraps in the background.

While we were at Jo-ann's Christina fell in love with this cute little elephant fabric, so of course she bought enough to make another bag. And my sewing machine thought it was getting a break these two weeks--HAH!

So Christina ran off to hang with some friends, and I, anti-social individual that I am, decided to stay home and work on my own bag.

My fabrics. The green is the handle, the dots are for a pocket, and--
oh heck, I'll just show you.
Here it is! Oh, and I made a wallet to go with it.
The wallet was made completely without a pattern. Well, an official pattern, but I made a pattern myself using some paper and cardboard.
The inside.
I have part of a shoebox reinforcing the side with the cards, so that it's easier to slide them in and out. It's a pretty simple design that about fifty sellers on Etsy have done riffs on, but I have always wanted one, so I made it!
Love it.
I can't wait to take this to the Lancaster Quilt Show this Saturday. Even though just about everyone and their mother will have a cooler purse than mine, I'm still pretty proud of it. Thank you Daioh for getting me going on this, it's been a blast. :D

There probably won't be many updates for the next couple days, unless I remember to do a step by step of how I make Christina's (since undoubtably she'll want a wallet too), but I will certainly have an image dump for you after the quilt show.



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