Lancaster Quilt Show 2011, Part Five and Final!

Yes, that is a grocery store down there.
So after our quilt show related shenanigans Ann, Betsy, and I all went back to the hotel they were staying at to recover my car and to get lunch at a very delicious restaurant. But were we done with shopping?

Heck no!

Ann and Betsy took me to the Hayloft in Mograntown, PA, a store that turned out to be the most unique and steal of a shop I've ever been to. They're actually on the second floor of a grocery store, where the quilt part wraps around the top of the store. I walked up the stairs, said, "Oh, this is cute!", kept walking, and said, "Oh jeeze, it keeps going, doesn't it?" It did indeed, almost 360 degrees.

They're a fantastic shop; there's a great clearance section with ridiculous deals on fabric, and even better, a huge scrap bin of 1/8ths and other pieces of fabric. Did I mention they had a huge selection of batiks and notions? Yeah, I think I'll be making the drive out here again, because daaang were there some awesome fabrics.

My shopping bag from the excursion. :D
So, what on earth did I manage to spend all my money on?

A new mat, since I left mine at my parent's house so they could have it back (THANKS MOM!).

Some new rulers, so I can give my mom back hers (though I will miss it terribly, no one makes them like hers).

Love love LOVE this series from Moda; I actually went online and found a great deal for a set of three, so I'll have enough to do some neat charm pack quilts I haven't been able to do before.

Some fabrics from the scrap bin at the Hayloft; really nice fabrics in there for .50? You bet I'm buying a bunch!

I couldn't resist picking up these two yards; there was just something about the cream and off-white that called to me. Maybe I'll use them in the charm pack quilt I'm thinking about making!

Some lovely floral type prints. I couldn't resist the blue and pink batik, though I have no idea when I'll ever use it. Betsy found the little bird print, it was just way too cute to pass up. Ann agreed with me, and I think between us we cleared them out of the FQ's!

It's about here that I realize I went on a serious blue binge at the show. Maybe it's because it's Glenn's favorite color, I don't know, but I do know I'll probably have to get around to making a quilt for the futon in the living room anyways, so it might as well be blue. :D

Another blue batik, and a pretty Lilly of the Valley flower print. It will also likely be of that weird family of browns that I cannot for the life of me ever use because there are no matches colorwise in my entire collection. Oh well, it's pretty enough to stay.

I picked up the two purples from the Hayloft's discount section, mostly because it was so dang cheap and I'm looking for purples for my baby quilt I'm making anyways. Of course, I now have enough different purples to make three or four baby quilts, but who's counting? And the cat fabric was way too cute to pass up, especially with the style of how they're drawn. It's actually really funny, they had just gotten it in the mail and had just unpacked it when I saw the fabric on the counter.

Me: That's a really cute fabric.

Saleslady: Yes, isn't it? We just got it in. *measures out other fabrics*

Me: Hmm. Is it for sale?

Saleslady: Yes. *continues cutting*


And finally, some cheapo fabric from Jo-ann's I bought for the baby quilt. I feel a little silly posting it with the other beautiful high quality fabrics, but I really liked it in the store and it will add some dimension to the quilt.

Whew! I think that is everything. Thank you again to Ann and Betsy for kidnapping me, and thank you Glenn for not minding my vanishing as soon as I got down to PA. Now I'm off to clean the apartment before my aunt and uncle get here--we're getting sushi, AND I get to introduce Glenn to my two cousins. Can't wait to see everyone!



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