Holee Smokes.

Huburr... abramdgnfnginng.
So in case you couldn't tell, I am still in absolute shock from the sheer size, scale, and impressiveness of the show. As in, three floors, all filled with vendors and quilts, and not nearly enough time to look at all the fabric and quilts and gadgets. I'm sorry, did I say time? I really meant MONEY. :D

I will have a proper post, the first of many (this is going to take quite some time to get through) tomorrow morning hopefully. For now, I will treat you to a picture of my bag about halfway through the shopping spree.

So many goodies...
Thank you so much Ann and Betsy! I had a wonderful time, and we are sooo doing this again next year. Of course, everyone else has to wait to see what on earth I'm talking about, but those two know how much trouble I got in to...


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