Lancaster Quilt Show 2011, Part Four

See Ann? I took a picture of something modern!
Welcome to part four of my day at the Lancaster Quilt Show! Maybe this will be the last 'quilt' post and I can finally get around to taking pictures of what I bought!

I just thought the idea of a dragon was too neat to pass up. The quilter did a lovely job with taking traditional applique and quilting techniques and adding something a little unexpected as the subject.

Detail on the dragon. Really neat quilting.

*thud*. Okay, if you don't look at the full-size of this quilt, there is something horrifically wrong with you. Absolutely masterful job on pairing the fabrics and maintaining the spirit of the animal while replicating its likeness. You had to have seen it in person, the parrot almost leapt off the quilt to steal my candy bar.

This one also blew my mind--from a distance it looks exactly like a photograph. The parrot before, well, you could see it was done in the style of an oil painting, and it was beautiful for its adherence to that type of applique. But this one is photo-perfect, even to a close up examination. I thought for a moment that the quilter had cheated and used some of that 'print on' fabric, but no, it's all applique.

This was just plain cute. I mean, anime style kitties are always cute.

This quilt just makes my eyes and brain hurt. It's like the dark side of Escher in quilt form; the diamond one from last post has got nothing on the reality distorting properties of this one.

I'm not really a fan of grey with colors. Especially not when they're as muted as this quilt, but I think it's an interesting irregular take on zig-zags.

Really interesting design here. I like the slate pallette, and the concentric circles take it from just being a modern quilt to a modern modern quilt. If that makes sense.

Beautiful Japanese-style quilt. There's this book I want to get sometime that has a bunch of quilt block patterns based on traditional Japanese patterns and kanji, which is a neat concept. While none of the shapes in this quilt (squares, triangles, circles) are necessarily foreign to the Western quilter there is something to be said for the unique combinations that Japanese quilters can create with the same building blocks of shape and value.

Okay, I know I said before that I would purchase some of the quilts I saw in a heartbeat, but this one absolutely trumps them all. It's not a quilt, it's a tapestry. It perfectly captured the essence of woodblock paintings while allowing the quilting and the fabric to carry the quilt. While I don't think the fish were applique, I think the thought and care in this quilt absolutely blew my other personal "would buy" quilts out of the water.

Detail on one of the fish in the center panel.

One of the medallion fish.

The detail in the gradation between darks and lights in this quilt, never mind the tessellation involved, is really something else.

Beautiful quilting; I think it epitomizes the Tibetan influence I kept spotting all over the quilt show.

Very cute applique and hexagons here. It's always fun to see how and why a quilter will break the established square boundaries of a quilt, and I think it works really well for the flavor of this quilt.

Also, how cute are these sunflower seed button/beads?

This was an exhibit by a quilter that Ann and Betsy took classes with, but her name has absolutely slipped me (but I'm sure Ann will correct me in the comments!). EDIT: Thanks Ann! It was Karen Kay Buckley. The quilt was so huge they couldn't fit it without letting it drape on the floor slightly.

Just... Wow.

This was by the same quilter, and I mostly liked it because, hey, it's another dragon!

Detail on the scaling. Note how it's mirrored in the quilting on the
white background fabric.
WHEW! So that's all the quilts I took pictures of at the show. I had an absolutely lovely time, and I already have next year's marked down in my calendar and found another one in June or July that the folks on tell me will be even better.

I will write up a post tomorrow showing off my spoils, because unfortunately Glenn is at work and I do not have a card reader available, except in the form of his password protected laptop. I suppose I could always try hacking...



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