Washing Day

So I know now that I'm a hopeless quilting addict. How do I know this?

Because the first thing into my parents' washer was not dirty laundry, but all the fabric I'd acquired.

The FQ bundle from Fabric.com. I'm just itching to do something with it.
I'm excited--I finally caved and ordered a book from Amazon. I first spotted this book at Tiger Lily Quilt Co.'s shop in Utica, and would have purchased it if I hadn't needed a walking foot for my first quilt. I only just remembered it the other day, and since I was making a bunch of purchases on Amazon anyways I decided to order 501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks. I'm sure everyone who quilts has a copy of the book, but I'm excited to start working with it.

There was another surprise besides the FQ bundle waiting for me on my desk, a package from the aforementioned quilting grandmother, Granima. She is, I am convinced, the source of much of the art sense in the family--the other half coming from another grandmother, Neenie, who taught me how to sew.

What could it be?

The patterns inside are extremely intriguing; after having stared so long at the millions of blocks available to the modern quilter the possibility of just using varying tones of fabric in a quilt had completely escaped my mind. I'm looking forward to trying out the patterns inside--perhaps I'll use the fat quarter bundle for such a quilt! Won't that be fun?

So much green...
If you'll forgive me for not posting my latest project--seeing as how I haven't started it yet anyways--I must go  spend some time with TC, as she has been traumatized by my absence and requires some loving.


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