Back to school.

This is my back to school shopping.
 I've noticed that as I get older and closer to the end of my formal education I do less and less shopping for it. I think the only thing I purchased that is even remotely academically related was some lead for my pencils.

But I did purchase a shelving unit for my fabric, so yay! It was less than $20 at Walmart, and it means I now have a movable (did I mention it has wheels?) sewing area. I haven't actually gotten a chance to do any sewing since I just moved back to school yesterday, but I'm hoping to do at least a little today or tomorrow.

First drawer is for patterned fabric.

Second is for solids and patterns. And one patterned fabric
I couldn't fit in the first drawer.

Third is for miscellaneous scraps and fabric that couldn't fit.
It's a little depressing to realize that even with this wonderful new toy I am already bursting at the seams with fabric. Well, depressing in that I will have plenty of fabric to experiment with. So not depressing at all!

My next project. Maybe.
In light of that, I'm thinking of making myself a new backpack, since my back is apparently too messed up to handle the shoulder bag I made a little while ago. Along with that I'm thinking of making a new wallet. I'm planning on using the scraps of Castle Peeps fabric, since it is absolutely adorable and might have been the reason I got the full yard pack. Maybe. Possibly.

Anyways, I swear, cross my heart, that I will have in progress things to show you tomorrow. Honest!


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