I finally got around to washing the other part of my Christmas present from Uncle Dave and Aunt Elise--more batiks! I went from having none to being spoiled for choice.

So I was very productive today; managed to finish off a huge pile of triangles from yesterday, bringing the total of geese blocks down to 11 6'' blocks and 12 12'' blocks. Unfortunately, my dwindling stock of the red means that I'm going to have to break down and order the fabric from the Fabric Shack. Ah well, it'll have to wait until pay day, I've already blown my budget until then.

Jess very was being very helpful today.
So I thought I'd show a little more of my set up while I'm at college. Everything happens at my desk: from sewing, piecing, ironing, and anything inbetween, it all happens in my little corner of the room.

The desk. It is messy. I am sorry.
I pretty much live at the desk. My TV is there, my gaming systems are there, and all of my supplies get moved over when I'm working. You can see my little sewing shelf-thing, and the thread in there. I just reorganized it all too, which was nice while I was whizzing through blocks this evening.

The ironing station.
To my right is the shelf that I mentioned a few posts ago. When I'm not sewing I stash the ironing board to the right of my desk along with the cutting board and big ruler, and the sewing machine goes on top of the shelf. This makes everything neat, compact, and tidy. As I sew I move the finished pieces to a pullout drawer on my desk. Once all the pieces in a set are done I trim them as needed with my handy scissors and move them to the ironing board. Once they're all trimmed, I spritz them with starch (I am a Best Press fiend) and iron them into perfection. Then it's back to the desk for the next piece, or into the baggie if the block is finished.

The finished/in progress bag.
I might be a little insane about my organization for projects, but I like to organize by project and purpose. One sandwich bag (upgraded to a gallon bag as the project grows) is dedicated to finished blocks and cut pieces; you can see one flying goose block and a few border pieces in the top picture. A second bag is used for all scraps. As you can see, I messed up on a few cuts, and lost quite a bit of valuable fabric for the final blocks. Oh well. I'll see if I can salvage any of them.

... what?
Welp, clearly I've been sewing for too long today. Let's see what Jess is up to.

Yes, it seems the crafting bug has finally hit the roommate. She's been babbling on and on about turning my old shirts into tank tops, dresses, frilly things, I don't know what else. And of course I just got my new round of shirts and did a purge of the old ones. She's already cut one of them to shreds, hoping to make a pillow.

Is there any hope for her?

That's one of my old shirts she's wearing. As a cape.

Drive safe if you're in the NE; I'm just hoping everyone is smart about the incoming snow and ice! I of course will be trekking to class even in 3 foot snow drifts, so as long as everyone else is okay I won't mind too much.

Stay safe!


  1. Keep up the good work, baby! Time to go and shovel the driveway (again) before I can retreat to my sewing room. Tell Jess to be very careful with that rotary cutter - they are very sharp! I do like her ideas to re-purpose your old shirts. She might want to try some applique on the capes!


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