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Can't believe it's been 9 years.

I came back to the blog the other day to add some information about some bags I'd made and hope to sell. The first thing that struck me was that it had been over four years since I'd last posted. The second thing was that I've had this blog running on and off for nearly ten years. That's crazy to me. What's even more crazy is how my life is these days. I changed jobs back in the spring, hoping to be able to take things a little easier, and wound up in the most challenging and fun job I've ever had. Glenn and I welcomed Liliana, our beautiful, wonderful daughter, and have spent the last nearly two years learning just what a ridiculous, intelligent, and hillarious creature we've been blessed with raising. TC and Baron are still here, both older and a little worse for the wear (TC has kidney disease, and Baron has hypothyroidism), but are both incredibly patient with our hectic schedules and Lily. I've fleshed out the crafting room to be a full blown

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