A quilter's lazy Sunday...

... often involves fabric cutting instead of housework, and at least one or two first degree burns from an iron.

I've actually had these fabrics sitting out ready to be cut up since the last post. I just haven't had time to sit down and do it! This is a silly mix of beautiful expensive batik that I got for $3 a yard when a quilt store went out of business and some lovely fabrics I've had sitting around forever that I got from Joann's when I first started quilting. At the very least this project means I get to go digging through my stash!

Very proud of how the points came out on this. 

Plus the colors are just so fun and bright. I realized I'd been going a
little dark and moody in the quilt and given that I want to do black borders between the
blocks I didn't want it to fade away!

Nice pretty seams. I really prefer to press my seams open.
It just makes it so much easier to put thick pieces together.

But even in a scrappy quilt, sometimes you find a fabric you just HAVE to have. I was on /r/quilting the other day and saw this adorable horse fabric someone was using for a quilt. Thankfully they were responsive and told me the fabric (by Michael Miller, of course!), and that was all the excuse I needed for an order to fabric.com. But when it results in such adorableness, how can you resist?


Seriously, the ponies are so cute. I ordered a full yard of this, and I might have to go back for more just for when they inevitably go out of print. The art style is just too precious and has such whimsy to it, I can't get over it!

Closeup of the ponies. The cowboy fabric was a gift from Grammy,
and I knew it would be perfect for this block.

I also ordered another print from the series that will find its way into another block, along with some other random horse fabrics. Then there's the bunch I picked up at Keepsake Quilting a week or two ago... After avoiding most horse fabrics for this quilt I'm suddenly drowning in ponies that have to find their way into quilts!

More seams. This one didn't go as well--the cowboy fabric was a little thicker
than I thought it would be, which led to some issues with getting the cuts and
seams to line up. But in the end it all settled down and turned out wonderfully.

That's all I have for today, but given how satisfying it was to do this today you can definitely expect another block to be finished this week, maybe even two! Then I'll need to turn my attentions full time to a quilt for my dear friends Phil and Rebecca who is expecting their first child this December, a beautiful boy! I can't wait to meet him, and I can't wait to show off the adorable design Rebecca and I came up with.

Until next time!


  1. So glad you are quilting and blogging again. You are very talented!


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