Lazy Labor Day

See this lump? That's pretty much how I felt this weekend.

All cut up, and no where to go.

So Saturday was my long run AND brew day (a hopefully delicious hefeweizen!), so I was pretty pooped after that.

I messed around with some filters in an attempt to get rid of the horrible yellow
cast my desk lamp casts on things... Might ask for a natural light for Christmas!

And Sunday, well, Sunday was cleaning and laundry day so that when Glenn got home the house wasn't a complete mess.

Had some fun fussy cutting this--the blue is actually the border from a panel
fabric Grammy gave me for the project.

As for today?

FABRIC!!! And yes, the zebra print is
going in the pony quilt! All of these are from

I emailed Ann earlier last week suggesting we take advantage of the lovely Labor Day sale at Burkholder Fabrics in Lancaster. After much arm twisting and convincing, Ann brought me and Beppy to the store for some good old fashioned girl-time bonding. And let me tell you, it was incredibly hard to convince her to come buy fabric with me. ;-)

Fabric galore. This is from Sauder's.

After that we stopped in at Sauder's Fabric Shop for some more shopping. I think my favorite part of the pony quilt has got to be how many different fabrics I get to buy and use, and how little fabric I actually need for a given block. Fat quarters are way too much, and most of my scraps are even too much, even for the most complicated blocks! Everything in the first haul picture is just a quarter yard, nothing more, and cost a grand total of $18 (which is a steal for quilting fabric, let me tell you!).

It also means I get to invade the bargain bins and find the weirdest fabric to use. Most of the fabrics I find would never work in a bigger piece, but I get to feature them one at a time in the scrap blocks and let them shine. Or fail, when what little color sense I have fails me.

It's the damndnest thing. I can appreciate beautiful fabrics when someone else picks them out but for some reason I can't identify pretty fabrics on my own. I just tend to flail, for better or for worse, which I guess makes something as random and thrown together as this quilt is turning out to be perfect.

But one of my reasons for going on the trip with Beppy and Ann was a little bit sneaky. Because since I can't pick out colors to save my life, you'd better believe I'm going to rely on them to help me pick out fabric for a dear friend's baby quilt!

Made you look!

Of course I'm not going to show you the colors silly. But rest assured dear reader, I had my choices approved by ladies who aren't color-coordinate blind, and it is going to be just darling once I'm done with it. I still need to pick out a backing fabric and three accent fabrics, but I'm going to wait until the top comes together to go out shopping for that. I might even try to work in some of the lovely felted wool squares I know my local-local shop (The Round Bobbin) has--I'm sure the little one this quilt is for will love the different textures.

I'll be spacing out my pony quilt blocks to make sure there's something each week as I work on this, but for the next few weeks I'm going to be working full time on the baby quilt. I'll post pictures as I go of the shapes, but I'm not going to show anything really identifiable until after it goes to its new home (which will hopefully be at the baby shower, if it all works out).

I can't wait to get started on it; the fabrics are just so darling, and I can't wait to share them with you in all their glory.


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