StoryPatch Winner, And Other Exciting News!

First off, congratulations to Lisa, our winner for the StoryPatch from! As you can see it was a very small field, but the random number generator does not lie. I'll be reaching out to her shortly to ship out her small but mighty winnings. Thank you to everyone who entered! I'm thinking about doing these more regularly as an out of pocket thing, but we'll see if/how that pans out.

In other news, I was presented with a tempting offer I just couldn't resist. As of today, you can now reach the blog via! How cool is that? Now you won't have to muck about with the silly blogger tag in the url, which will hopefully make it easier for you guys to tell everyone about the blog, wink wink nudge nudge.

I have the pictures for my progress this week (and man, was there ever progress!) but it's a little late in the evening for me. I'll write up a post tomorrow, and should have it winging to your inboxes and reader applications tomorrow night. In the meantime, sleep tight, and if you have ideas for small giveaways you'd be interested in entering for, please let me know!


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