The UPS Man is Santa.

Look what wonderful presents he brings me!Okay, so not really presents, but books for quilt patterns I've been dying to try for the longest time. I needed something off of Amazon, and since the book had been sitting in my shopping cart for a couple days in an attempt to show some self restraint, I decided to give in and just get the foolish thing.

I've been really intrigued by the OBW quilt method--I've always loved all those large print fabrics, but never could find a use for them in a quilt due to the size of the repeat. Well, I think I've found a new weakness, one which will only ever be indulged at Jo-Ann's when I have a 50% off coupon. Like today.

How cool is this fabric?
I got in trouble at Jo-Ann's because some lady in a hurry thought I was trying to cut when I only wanted to measure the repeat on the fabric, but it was totally worth it.

No eyes for you!

The technique requires the utmost precision in cutting, because otherwise things just won't line up correctly. Something which I've never been the greatest at, but so far I think my attempts are coming out pretty well.

Another cut on the repeat with my trusty 45mm cutter.
My back is killing me from standing over the dining room table, but I'm very proud with how accurate I got the cuts and how few mistakes I made.

My stacks of triangles all ready to go!
I chose this particular fabric both because I've been itching to do a black and red quilt and also because the Jo-Ann's closest to the apartment has really awful, terrible fabric choices. There's barely enough quilting cottons to call it a section. Luckily, they had a print with a large enough repeat with enough on the bolt to make it worthwhile.

How cool is this? I mean seriously, that is pretty awesome.
I've always been reminded of flowers when I look at OBW quilts; I think no matter what kind of fabric you start with you will always end with a flower somewhere in the mix.

Two blocks all sewn together.
The only problem with this kind of quilt is that it demands a wall to pin the blocks up on; sadly I don't think that would fly well in the apartment. Luckily I have plenty of floor space to spread out on, and I will probably spend a weekend in a couple weeks just moving blocks around on the floor.

A different arrangement, with a new block.
I was able to churn out ten or so before I got too chicken because of the impending thunder and lightning, but I'm looking forward to doing a bunch more tomorrow after I clean the apartment.

Some blocks featuring parts of the dragon--trippy.
That's all I have for now; I will post soon about my new purse I made with the fabrics I bought from the hayloft, and the finished baby quilt once I get tired of sewing triangles together. Plus I need to finish up Jess's apron so I don't feel so guilty and so she can wear it to the Dining Club events... So much to do, so little time.

Random note: I've been using a seam ripper wrong for at least my entire life. Sigh. I am special.

Have fun, and enjoy the light show!


  1. apron apron apron apron!

    I had FORGOTTEN about the apron. You would have been free, FREE, had you not just reminded me. :D




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