Attack of the Family!

My sister, looking suspiciously like our grandmother at the
dining room table in the apartment.

Yes, I finally managed to convince my family to make the trek down to Pennsylvania!

See, originally it was supposed to be just my sister. Then my mother wanted to know if she could come too, and then I bribed my brother to come, so the only one who missed out on Wawa, my rocking cooking, and Rita's ice waters was my dad. Boo.

Daioh carefully snipping away threads.
We had a lovely time; mom and Daioh and I all went out to the Hayloft again, only this time we actually went in the little grocery store. They didn't believe me when I said the store went aaalll the way around the edges! Daioh and I had a field day--together we both picked out some really lovely fabrics, and a panel we hope to do a sort of competition on. I promise, I'll show off my purchases next post!
The lighting is terrible here, but is cute.
Then I showed them the wonders of the thrift store, where my sister promptly bought out the place of its adorable random knicknacks and other assorted artwork that struck her fancy. I was tempted to pick up a cheesemaker myself, but held out for more video games and my payday check on Saturday.

My piggy is on the left, hers is on the right. Would you believe it's her
first time with free motion quilting? Sigh. Some people are just too
awesome. ;)
Then we all went to the asian market to shop and explore and purchase weird foods we will probably not dare to touch, then back to the apartment for some nearly botched shrimp. Then after dinner came the quilting!
Demoing my feather technique.
Daioh managed to get herself into a corner with her first quilt, so I wanted to show her some different ways she could quilt it and how I quilt my tops. It was a lot of fun explaining the technique to her while also explaining how to properly maintain and oil one's machine--I forgot to tell her all that from the get go. Oops.
Adjusting the top.
She didn't try to do quilting on the top I'd been saving as a demo for her, but she had fun working on some scraps and working on paper doodling while I did the real thing. It was surprisingly easy to keep up a conversation while doing feathers--until I focused on the quilting and lost track of the conversation.
And this is why I'm not the artist in the family--her
shots look ten times better than mine. <3!
Luckily I don't think the rest of the family minded--while Daioh and I babbled about quilting my brother and mom were busy reading and just keeping everyone company. TC was hiding under the bed the entire time, as she does not seem to like company any more than she used to. Which was not a whole lot.

And what about Glenn?
Of course.
It was truly wonderful to get to see my family and to get to show them the wonderful area I managed to find myself in. I missed them, being as I'm the furthest flung of my siblings so far, and it was really nice to spend time with them instead of just dropping by.

Such an arteest, my sister.
Glenn offering some commentary.
Thank you Mom, Daioh, and Jack for coming to visit! I will have pictures of sewing and quilting tomorrow--it's my day off, and I plan to spend it relaxing and doing whatever the heck I want, because dangit, it's Friday!


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