My favorite online quilt shops

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So I'm still a little laggy from spending all day in the car, but I did promise my sister I would post today (okay, I promised I'd post yesterday, but I wanted to sleep). So, here are some of my favorite quilting-related websites on the Internet!

Quilting Board is probably the best quilting forum out there. The folks there are super nice, super talented, and just plain super. Because of a posting requirement to get 'regular' status you will always get a response to your pictures or questions, usually within seconds of the post going up. There's tons of inspiration to be found in the huge backlog of pictures that have been posted, and a generally friendly and open community. No quilt police here, just new friends.

Connecting Threads is one of those sites I've been watching like a hawk, but unable to actually use when I have the money to do so. Their thread is highly recommended, inexpensive, and they have high quality fabrics as well. Lots of notions to be found here at reasonable prices, and there are always coupons floating around the Internet if you know where to look.

I love Hawthorne Threads. They were one of the first places I bought fabric from online, and they were super helpful when I was trying to pick out fabrics for the Marchen quilt--they went through their inventory to check if some fabric I had purchased earlier from them would work colorwise with another print I was considering. On top of that, they just moved in to a building in the town I lived in when I was younger in New York. How cool is that? I highly recommend them for high quality quilting cottons, they always have a great selection at reasonable prices.

The tagline for Thousands of Bolts is "You'll know I'm crazy when you see the low prices!" They aren't kidding. Insanely cheap batiks, cottons, prints, and more, Thousands of Bolts is first on the list of sites to shop at once I have a job again. You can sort by hue, which is fabulous if you're looking for a particular shade of fabric, and they have name brand fabrics for half the cost of LQS. Love love love them!

Last but not least is It is much easier than it should be to get ten yards of fabric and find you're still not at the $35 free shipping minimum, never mind the preponderance of coupons and other easy ways to save money. Though they don't specialize just in quilting cottons, they have such a large selection of name brand and unknown cottons that it's hard to penalize them for it. I get three emails a day from them just because their daily deals are so good.

Well, those are the sites I like to frequent when I'm in a quilting mood--what about you? If you've got a site you use that I didn't mention post it in the comments, I'd love to find new sites to haunt!


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