Home and settled.

Finally, back to quilting!
After a long trip across state lines I am finally back in Massachusetts for winter break! And to make it a totally wild and crazy break, I'm going to quilt! That's how these break things work, right?

I managed not to forget anything important (well okay I forgot a few things that were kinda important, but shh) this go around. The quilt's getting close to being finished now, mostly because I've had the benefit of being able to work on the foolish thing full time without interruption.
I hate picking out stitches.
One of the more annoying things I had to do was to pick out all the blue thread I used and re-sew it with white and blue. I'm just hoping the holes will close up a little more once I've washed it a few times, but it shouldn't be a major issue. I'm actually rather pleased with this quilt; I don't think I'll pop quite as many stitches as I did on my first quilt while using it because the stitching is all self-contained in the little squares.
If you zoom in you can see the quilting; I think it looks nice.
It's really coming together now, I just have to pull the threads through to the back, knot them, and then fix the batting and backing issues. Because I'm not that good at forming the sandwich yet there's some unevenness, so I'm going to use spare batting and fabric to extend the backing and batting as necessary.
Yes, I'm finally going to join the ranks of the cool blogs by posting pictures of my cats. As a college student I'm not allowed to have cats in the dorm, so my kitties must stay at home with my parents. Whenever I come home though they are all over me, especially TC, who I have had since she was an itty bitty kitten. This is the cat who will (seriously, ask Glenn) meow at me constantly until I come to bed with her, jumps in my lap the second I sit in front of the computer, and snuggles up to me every chance she gets. My mom has a video somewhere of me passed out in a chair, a book in hand, and TC purring away on my lap.
Well hello, what's this stuff all about?
She was very interested in the quilting process, and tried to go to sleep in the quilt despite my best efforts.
Well, I don't see why I can't.
Of course, then she decided to go wandering on the table.
Xander: Hey, what was that?
TC: I dunno, let me check it out.
Mr. Busy got in on the quilt action too.
Yes, I approve of this new shedding device.
And a final warning from TC.
Pet me, or die. Your choice.


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