Just going to run through a little montage of photos, but the quilt is DONE! I did muss up the binding a little, and I may go in for professional help to see if it can be fixed (a.k.a, ANN!!!!!! I NEED HELP!), but it is finished.
Some of the binding and backing got
buggered up. The solution? SCRAPS!

A little ironing...
A little hand sewing...
A little trimming...
A little binding...
And a quilt!
It's in the wash right now, I just hope to god the quilting stays put and that the binding doesn't get all boogered up... Gah, the anticipation is killing me!

But there is even better news on a personal front: the credit card (which has been the bane of my life for ever and ever) is completely paid off! In celebration I took advantage of a one-day sale was having to order a bundle of Kona cotton fat quarters (in green, though I almost went with the brown) and two crib size Warm and Natural battings for my next projects. I think I'm done with doing big quilts for a little while, I'd like to work with something smaller and more manageable.

And just in case some of you are giving me the same look the lady at Jo-ann's did when I bought fabric last night, I am not pregnant nor is anyone I know pregnant. I just want to have a crib sized quilt for when that possibility arises. So there. Nyah! (I am sticking my tongue out at you all)


  1. Boy, am I glad that I was the lady at the register and not the cutting counter. I figured that you were making the traditional "purple quilt" early in your quilting career. The big one looks fab!!! TTFN T

  2. Hi Tricia! :D I didn't think you'd check out the blog, but thank you for the comment! My mom gave me the same look when I told her I was making a baby quilt, and gave me another one when I told her I was making one for Christina. Oh well!


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