Rainy Mondays bring the mailman.

Surprise surprise, it's raining yet again! I'm not entirely convinced it ever stopped, actually--yesterday's blazing sunlight was just a trick of the imagination. Yes, that's it.

Thank goodness for plastic bags!
My entertainment budget (I'm such a sad example of a college student that my 'entertainment' consists of quilting) arrived in the mail today. Am I the only one who times her packages to arrive on Mondays after the weekend? It's my way of extending the fun and making Mondays at least a little bit better.

Lovely lovely fabric! Castle Peeps by Lizzie House in Royal Blue from fabricworm.
Some odds and ends and necessaries from fabric.com.

The quilt I'm planning out has a theme this time: I wanted to try and make a quilt that incorporated the themes and ideas in the fantasy novel I'm writing (side note, I finished the intro, just have to finish the ending and I can send it off to my various readers!), namely a medieval setting and deer and transformation. How much of this will actually come through in the finished quilt I have no idea, but I have both fabrics and a block picked out, so all that remains is to see how well it comes together. I'll probably start cutting tomorrow; my Monday mornings are just insane in the afternoon. As it is I'm praying no one takes my beautiful fabrics out of the dryer while I'm in a meeting!

Detail on the brown fabric--it just caught my eye when I was browsing.
I keep wondering if I've ever confused someone with the fabric in the dormitory washers; I haven't been ninja'd yet (an occurrence where one student needs the washer, but the other student's stuff is still in there, so the first student moves it on top of the dryer and so on), so I don't think so. My secret passion remains secret for now... At least until someone takes a look at my card and sees just how much 'laundry' I do. :)

Something to cheer you up on this cold day.
Stay dry!


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