I have almost destroyed this quilt more ways than I can count.

I wish I were kidding in the title, but seriously. It's as though getting my first quilt done and having it turn out so wonderfully was God's way to get me into a hobby just so he could kick me while I was down.

Enough sulking. I started out with a pattern from Quilter's Cache called Dakota Gold. It's a lovely pattern, but after being spoiled by the pattern I used for my first quilt I charged ahead without much thought. Since I was working with triangles for the first time, you can guess how that turned out.

So after relegating that to the scrap bag, I took a stab at the Bento Box block. It's a block I've liked for a while, and since I have plenty of fabric to mess around, I decided to take a chance on something new and exciting and challenging.

I discovered right away that the pattern doesn't account for seam allowances, which is something I have to stick with if only because it'd throw off the rest of the quilt, and much of the fabric I have is limited.

This looks nice.
I did get the color combinations approved though, so that's one worry off my back.

It's a rather simple block all told.
Unless of course I get carried away with the cutting. ><
Oh well, it's all a learning experience. I'm going to watch a sappy chick flick and mope about the book. <3


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