All I can say is...

... I'm lucky Glenn doesn't love me for my color sense. Because I have none.
This is my bed. I don't want to touch it for fear the colors will
eat me for supper and spit out my needles.
You might have seen that little blurb at the top of the blog bemoaning my inability to tell if colors work together or not. Sounds cute, right? A nice way to deflate my ego or something along those lines. Well, I was being completely serious. I can't tell at all whether colors work together or not.

That's a teensy bit of a lie--of course I can tell that certain colors don't quite get along, but I have to sit there for five minutes making sure they really, really, really don't work together no matter how I try. Since I have this much trouble with, say, purple and yellow, you can imagine how much trouble I have with different variations on a color.
Seriously, do these work together? I CAN'T TELL!
Which leads me to where I am right now: sitting at my desk with the cutting mat on the floor, the sewing machine plugged in, a good two hour chunk before I have to go anywhere, and not being able to do a single damn thing until Jess gets back to approve my fabric choices. It's really irritating, especially since I meant to ask her before she left for her classes this morning.

So instead of whining some more, here's the various fabrics I'm thinking about using. If you have an opinion, let me know--it's certainly more than I could do at the moment.
The green is optional, the blue is totally mandatory.
Possible background fabrics for the blocks.
Left to right: Kona White, Bone, and Ocean
Yes? No?
I want to use the brown on top to balance the blue,
but I'm not sure...
Bah, I give up.
What about this? Does this work?


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