Ready for Lancaster

Got my pass and everything. :)
Well, the show is still a month away, but I'm still ready! Christina is coming down the night before, so we get to introduce her to a whole slew of quilt shops and people. Her head is going to explode when she gets to the show proper though.

Back to the blues.
Since there were only two blocks in the last Just Takes 2 set, I was able to spend some time this weekend with those blue HST's. I realized that after making so many I had no idea what I was going to do with them! Oops.

Quilt inspector #1 reviews my work.
Luckily I had a burst of insight; I can make these really neat swirls using the cream of the Kona Cotton Bone, with the blues surrounding. I'm going to try and have lighter blues on the 'outside' of the swirls, and the darker blues on the insides of the curves.

Quilt inspector #2 gives his seal of approval.
I think it's going to make for a really neat quilt. I'm so glad I figured this pattern out before I started sewing them together into blocks. The quilt would have been nice enough the way I was planning to do it, but this just takes the scrappiness and makes it into something beautiful.

Quilt inspector #1 also approves.
I was having some trouble with the variety, but once I plow through the rest of the fat quarter bundle I'll have enough variety to make the quilt properly. I had to order some more Bone, and some more red and white for the JT2, so when those come in I can finish off the tedious cutting and trimming.

Possible layout, minus the kitties.
I'm going to post again later this week about the repairs and tinkering I did with Faith-Ann. Don't worry, she's perfectly fine! I just had some minor technical difficulties, and thought my experiences might be useful to others.

The next set of blocks for JT2 drops on Wednesday, so be prepared for more reds, more whites, and more of my lovely kitties and camera. I'm still getting used to all the whizbang features this thing has, so I apologize if anything looks off. I was also hoping to have some pictures from Papa's camera, but unfortunately the film got buggered up. Oh well.

See you later this week!


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