Good Intentions

Le siiigh...
Sorry, I meant to post on Sunday, but it was just too depressing after the Pats blew it.

Whelp, I feel better!

So I got the latest batch of blocks on Wednesday. I was a little disappointed to find there were only two this go around, but man! I swear, someone kept going through my mental notes while I was cutting and kept carrying the two wrong--I cut and recut the pieces for these two blocks so many times I'm going to have to order more red and white fabric!

Just kidding.
It took some doing, but both the flying geese and the... well, I don't know what the heck to call it, but it's pretty. In any case, both of them were finished after an afternoon of cursing on Saturday, and then on Sunday Glenn and I trekked our way up to New Jersey to visit Ann, Lynn, Betsy, John, and of course, the bouncing frog by the glass doors. I mean Randy. And of course the minute you get more than one of the crafty ladies in the room, all the blocks have to come out for show and ask!

Discussions abound!
Yes, it seems as though my enthusiasm for this project has bitten Ann and Betsy! They're both doing the Just Takes 2 quilt, but they're going in widly differing directions!

Blocks and wine. Could you ask for anything more?
When we all went to Burkholder's a week or two ago, I got both Ann and Betsy to pick out fabrics for the quilt. It took all my will and determination, but by golly by the time we walked out of the store they both had arms full of yardage. Of course they blew through the blocks in record time, and with much better accuracy, but it was really neat to see how the different values and colors lead to different quilt blocks.

The three psuedo quilts.
Betsy's fan. I'm so jealous.
I love the way Betsy interspersed the yellow with the patterned fabric and the blue; it really looks like a little sunrise. The patterned fabric is also very neat; when she saw it she started plotting how she could use it in the quilt, and she was hooked. :)

Ann's applique. She thinks something is wrong with one of the hearts.
I think she's wrong.
Ann's going for a softer, springy kind of quilt. The colors look muted in the picture, but they're just really soft and gentle compared to the contrast Betsy and I have going. I really like it though, because the mint green and lilac play off each other so well.

All mixed up, at Lynn's request.
It was a grand old time at the Smith house, and I had a ball. But I could hardly keep this post to myself, because guess what was waiting for me when I got home this afternoon?


Yes, that new camera I was hinting at! It is absolutely lovely, and takes beautiful pictures even with my shaky-cam hands. I am very tired, so here's a couple random shots I took once I had the battery all charged. I'll be back Sunday with prettier pictures, some progress in the blue and white quilt, and perhaps something more! Who knows?

Mommy, it's very nice. Now get it out of my face.
The geese!
Huuuge pain in the butt to do this block. Don't know why!

I'm watching you.

Good night!


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