Speed run

So I'm almost finished with the quilt. The quilting is done, everything is trimmed, I'm just taking a break before I go ahead and do the binding.

Yellow parallelograms have treble clef signs, purple has base clef.
Pretty proud of the trebles, not so much of the bases. Still looks awesome.

All quilted. I am just amazed I managed to pull it off.

Detail of my horrible attempt at feather filler.
I wound up running out of white thread halfway through the white quilting, and so I ran out to Jo-ann's. Got the thread, came back to the sewing machine, started quilting, and found out my stupid free-motion foot had broken without my noticing. The plastic was all cracked; if I hadn't noticed when I did I probably would have broken a needle. So I had to run out to Tiger Lily Quilt shop to grab a new foot, then had to learn how to use it and get used to it. Agh.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow; I'll post pictures when it's done and hopefully get a picture with whoever wins it tomorrow. I'll miss it, because it's really just so beautiful, but it's going to a wonderful cause and it was a great learning experience for me.


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