I'm not procastinating, I swear.

No, seriously Mom and Dad, I swear I'm working on the thesis. I just kinda needed to take a little break to do something nice.

So, as you might know, I play the euphonium and tuba in the brass ensemble here at school. Well, our conductor is extremely involved with the local music scene, and the news that the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra went bankrupt hit her really hard. She's done a wonderful job in trying to find ways to help support the orchestra members, including a concert here at school to try and raise money to help the players out. Since I'd just started a quilt this morning for giggles, I offered to donate it (if I finish it in time) to be silent auctioned off.


I made it following this basic tutorial from Quiltfrog.com. It was super easy using my modified version of the Wonder Cut ruler method, just a bunch of HSTs and squares and lots and lots of sewing.

What I find interesting as I quilt more and more is that the kinds of mistakes I make are changing. I very rarely manage to sew the wrong sides of fabric together, most of the time my issues come from mismatched seams or ordering the blocks incorrectly as I assemble the quilt top. Part of the problem is that I'm working off the floor which opens me up to mistakes, but I think I'm getting a lot better as a quilter. At the very least, my seams look pretty freaking rad in the picture up there.

Jess was kind enough to help me pick out a border, which you will see in place sometime Friday or Saturday afternoon. Then it will be a frantic couple of hours of quilting (possibly free motion, woo!), binding, and washing before it will be ready for the concert. I just hope I finish it in time!


  1. Rad seams and points indeed! Love the colors. Now get back to work on that thesis.


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