This is the only square that did not have a buddy. I am not certain whether or not this will be a problem. Hrmm.

Two blocks! Ah ah ah aah.
The only problem with trying to precut everything and machine-gunning the assembly is that, well, it's not very exciting visually.
More blocks...
I mean, basically all I have to show you is this ever growing pile of fabric waiting to be sewing together. And since I have a terrible digital camera I can't take pretty pictures, and since my room is so awfully lit, well, I didn't want to post anything for fear of frightening off my viewers.
So basically it's just been lots of little line sewing, very boring, and very rough on the machine. I have to spend about 10 minutes every sewing session cleaning out all the lint from the fabric. The red was really pretty at Joann's, but it's been a major pain in the butt. Extremely lint prone, rough on the iron, rough on the sewing machine... It's a good thing I always take the time to clean everything out.

Ironing. I think the red is really fetching.
While I'm sewing I like to have something playing in the background. During Glenn's quilt I loved to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but these days I'm working my way through the absolutely enormous backlog of Iron Chef America episodes. I don't know what it is about the show that I love, but it's really just amazing to watch and listen to all the wonderful foods they come up with. I'm hoping to go to Morimoto's restaurant for my birthday--hey, as long as I'm in the area, I might as well eat well!
Threads everywhere.
I had a really great idea while I was trimming threads this evening. To save time I took piles of the long strip blocks, laid them right on top of each other, then teased out the excess and snipped them off, five or six at a time. It certainly sped things up!
One such pile.
So, with all this work, I have managed to finish off a ton of parts--at this point I just need to sew on the solid corner blocks, and then I can get to work on the middle part of the block. Then I can really start showing off!

All trimmed and ready to go!
Hope you're enjoying the weather! I know I'm missing that brief period where we had 50 degrees here in frigid New York... Oh well. The groundhog better be right this year!


  1. Luckily there will always be more TV. Think of it this way. The square isn't lonely, it just has character.

  2. sorry that you're at the boring stage of just sewing bits together. definitely gets more fun as it looks more interesting. woohoo for Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I love Iron Chef America too. I think it's for Alton Brown. and the Next Iron Chef competitions are wonderful - better than Top Chef.

  3. @ Glenn: Thank god for that. I mean, after Iron Chef there's The Next Iron Chef! And more Buffy!

    @ Tonya: Oh yes, Alton is totally the ham of Iron Chef, second only to Mario Batali and Michael Symon, they're my two favorites. I don't think I've seen Top Chef yet, but then again I have at least another couple seasons of Iron Chef to work through. :) And then of course there's Good Eats... Thanks for stopping by again! I can't wait for the blocks to start to come together, maybe I'll make some headway this weekend.


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