Wishful Wednesday #1

As I find myself growing more and more serious about my quilting, I also find there is a corresponding increase in my desire to improve my technique and style. This of course corresponds to an increase in the desire to have nicer equipment.

Now, I know I'm spoiled to begin with for having a machine to quilt with--after all, the women in my family tree quilted without such technology, so really I have no reason to complain. But with modern sensibilities come modern complications, the least of which is my ever present battle with carpal tunnel. So unfortunately, hand quilting isn't an option unless I want to end each session crippled for a week. I have nothing but admiration for those who go the hand quilted route!

So I've been idly looking at quilting frames so that I could perhaps someday tackle a king-sized quilt, or so I could do the really crazy swirls that seem to be so popular with folks these days. Of course a frame isn't really an option until I get a house or something, but it's been fun to look at the possibilities.

I think however that if I were to get a quilting frame and go the hard-core route I would have to go with the Hinterberg Machine Quilting Frame. It's completely adjustable once you purchase the appropriate electrical conduit, which is a feature that seems to be lacking on most other models in this price range. I could also use my little Janome on it, which would allow the subject of my next Wishful Wednesday post to wait a while until I'd replenished my savings for the purchase.

I really can't wait to get a real job after I graduate... Of course, I won't be able to purchase a frame for a very very long time, but it will be nice to know that purchases like this will eventually be possible. It'll cut into my quilting time, but if it means I can fund more quilting, well, I suppose I can deal with such a problem. ;)

I think I'll try to do a couple Wishful Wednesdays, but don't worry--they won't all be about machines and equipment, I hope to start browsing Etsy to find some really neat fabrics you wouldn't otherwise get a chance to see.


  1. Hey baby, you seem to be enjoying the piecing of flying geese. Here's a cool opportunity to make more - http://www.quiltdad.com/2011/01/block-palooza-welcome-block-1.html At the moment, I am saving the pdf files, but I hope to be able to find a bit of time to make the blocks. As far as your dream machine, call me this summer - I have an HQ16 in my basement that is great fun to quilt with and I like to share it with friends. TTFN T

  2. Oh neat, thanks for the link! I'll definitely check it out, I'm casting about for some random blocks to use on the quilt I'm making for my sister; I finally found some more of the fabric we picked out in NH in my Jo-ann's here in NY, so I grabbed some yardage to make sure I had enough. I'll show that off next post I think, this project's wrapping up quick!

    And thank you for the offer! I actually think I'm going to have to hold off on actually quilting this monster, as I managed to make it for a full size quilt instead of the twin I originally wanted, so I think I'll finish the top and put it to the side until I can get some longarm lessons from yourself or the sewing place down in PA. Don't worry though, I'll give you a ring the second I'm back in MA!


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