Where did the time go?


At least I was productive last night! I've been meaning to just sit down and sew for a few weeks now, and when I finally did (with Iron Chef on in the background... the Food Network is dangerous stuff) I plowed through about four or five big blocks, which translates to sixteen or twenty smaller blocks. Not bad if I do say so myself.

A sizeable stack indeed.
Now, the only issue is that I managed to, like an idiot, forget how I was cutting the bigger blocks down to size and miscut two of the larger blocks. I think I'm just going to let it slide and see if I can't make up the difference somewhere along the line, by having the miscuts on the edge of the quilt so the border will take care of it or something. But thanks to Jess I now have a reminder!

I'll probably still bugger it up though.
So what exactly was I doing over the break? Bouncing all over the North-East, of course! I went back home for Fall Break for an abortive attempt at a physical (date mixup... I did find another quilt shop near my house though!), and then took the next big step of making the drive from Massachusetts all the way down to New Jersey on my own. In New Jersey I got to talk quilts with Ann and Beppy, which was an absolute blast! Beppy has been working on a "Block of the Month" quilt, and I wish I had pictures to share with you guys. Lynn took pictures, but I think she forgot to send them to me. :(

I then drove back to Pennsylvania with Glenn and spent a wonderful weekend with him in the apartment. I can't wait to graduate and move in and start colonizing the apartment with fabric and scraps and bits of--Hi honey, I didn't realize you still read the blog! No, I'm not planning anything devious, what are you talking about?

(note to self: buy more fabric!)

Jess wanted me to show everyone why she puts up with the
sewing machine at 11 PM. Thanks, Ben and Jerry!


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