Did some math last night.

And for this to be a queen sized quilt, I'm going to need to make 46 large blocks, which will be cut into four smaller blocks, for a total of 168 blocks of fabric. Eeep. I'm planning on putting some serious work into the quilt in the coming weeks so that this daunting project isn't looming over my head. Today I should make a ton of progress, as Tuesdays are my free afternoon days, where I get to sew for basically the entire afternoon. I might even start piecing the top, but I think I'll wait so that there's an even distribution of blocks throughout.

Some process pictures for you today... I got a little bored halfway through with the pictures (read: I started taking them, then forgot for the last steps ><), but I've got everything down to a pretty lightning fast process. Once I pick out the fabrics and cut them I can whip through a number of blocks in the space of an hour. I think I'm going to try and cut a bunch of fabric today so that I can just machine-gun assembly line the blocks. I waste way too much time cutting fabric for each block.

And right about here I forgot that I was indeed taking pictures
and went on a mad sewing spree. Oops.

This corner just amused me; Jess said that the two kings were
neighbors visiting each other. Of course, this quilt doesn't show
the aftermath when the one on the left insulted the one on the right's
bard and instigated a five generation family feud.


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