Beginnings have to happen somewhere.

So I decided to make this blog as a promise: I would only make it if I finished my first quilt and it lay on my bed. I would not make a blog for quilting unless I was sure I would follow through with this ambitious project. I give up on things far too easily, and get bored too often to commit to a blog and quilting as a serious hobby. As a writer it's difficult for me to focus on any one project; after all, if I get bored of one story I can move to another and vent my creative frustrations elsewhere.

But this morning at precisely 11 AM I made my final stitches on the binding, snipped a few threads, sat back, and said, "Holy cow. I made a quilt."

On my bed, during the thirty seconds of sun we got today.
I've been working on this since the first week of August, when Glenn's mother, the wonderfully talented and worshipful Ann, agreed to take me under her wing and help me pick out fabric for a quilt. We spent a wonderful hour in Keepsake Quilting with Jeanie and Lynn, trying out fabrics and generally messing around and being girls. I was then treated to a mini-lecture on how to best prepare my quilt, and then promptly started dreaming of how wonderful it would be to learn to quilt.

The reality, for once, turned out to be as exciting, challenging, and demanding as I hoped it would. I messed up, I tore out stitches, stabbed myself, and managed to slice a hole in my favorite PJ pants, but in the end I came out with a quilt and another obsession. I also made new friends at the quilt store near my college; Ann from Tiger Lily Quilt Co. was especially wonderful with her advice and calculations! Also, this quilt would never have been finished if my roommate Jess hadn't beaten me over the head and helped me with fabric choices. ;)

I'll post about myself eventually, but for now here are some more pictures of the quilt. Unfortunately I don't have any good in progress pictures, mostly because I was having too much fun making it to stop and take pictures!

More sun. Ignore the roommate's mess over there.
Closeup of the stitching on the pinwheels...
I'm so proud of how even they are!
And the black. I just went straight through the
black corners, which made for some tight sewing
when the quilt got all bunched up in my little machine!
Draped over my chair. Which do you see first, the
pinwheels or the squares within squares?
Here you can see the beautiful blue border.
See you soon!


  1. I love that blog name!(Just visiting from r0ssie's blog.)

    Congratulations on your first quilt! It looks great!

  2. Why thank you! I was going on a "following" spree this evening, I'm so glad you decided to stop by. It's so dangerous for me to look at other blogs, I either want to go on a fabric shopping spree or to find a kitty to snuggle. :D

  3. Hey Marisa.

    that is a great quilt. Keep up the good work.



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