About me.

Where to begin?

I'm twenty-one years old. I have only left the safety of the Northeast on a few, separate, punctuated occasions. I have never left the country. I hope to finish my first novel in the next few weeks, at which point the real editing process will begin (when I hand the book over to my group of friends... eep!) and I can honestly start thinking about publishing.

I first learned to sew from my grandmother, as all little girls should, and to be perfectly honest I was terrible at it. I loved making things by hand, but for some reason sewing just didn't click with me, so I spent most of my time at my grandparent's house cobbling sculptures and toys together from scraps of wood my grandfather saved for me.

I would sew a few more items throughout my high school years, although these were limited to a dress for a cosplay (a terrible, botched attempt to turn a red dress from Walmart into Sakura from Naruto's outfit) and late last year a bookbag for myself. In college there is little time for such hobbies or to explore traditional forms of art and craft.

But it wasn't until I started dating Glenn that I was introduced to quilting as a possible hobby. His mother Ann is a fantastic seamstress, and I was in awe of her ability to knit and sew all sorts of things--my most treasured item of clothing is a pair of socks she knitted for me for Glenn and my's first Christmas together (which also ties into a private joke between me and the family) that I pull out the second the weather here on the hill gets gloomy.

See Jess? I'm messy too!

I was intrigued by quilting from the very beginning. I am a huge fan of multiple blankets on a bed in place of one huge comforter, and the idea of making my own quilts just seemed like a pipe dream. But this past summer I decided to take the plunge: Glenn was graduated and would be in Pennsylvania, and I would be by myself in New York with plenty of time on my hands.

I picked out the pattern myself after pouring over the About.com Quilt Pattern page for days; the Bonnie Scotsman seemed easy enough and had plenty of possibilities once the blocks were assembled. I was lucky enough to start out with really beautiful, high quality fabrics, and for once I managed to not sabotage myself in my haste to finish the project! I took my time and ironed everything, and learned to find it a soothing rather than taxing process.

My lovely Janome Magnolia 7318. This baby purrs when she sews.
I'm already plotting for my next quilt... I'm thinking of venturing into the world of triangles. LE GASP! Perhaps a Card Trick block... but what to pair it with? Sashing? Something else with triangles? Who knows? All I know is that I'm going to have a ton of fun no matter what.

Walking down the stairs at a castle in the clouds...
I just got out of French, so let me say, "Au revior!"


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