Back in the sewing seat.


I know! I know. I know it's been a while since I posted, but I really had a good reason this time. And just because I didn't post doesn't mean I wasn't quilting, no siree!

For example, there were bridesmaid presents to be made.

In progress--can't believe I didn't take more pictures!

Ring pillows to sew in the course of an evening, less than 48 hours before the wedding!

When you and your betrothed come from the same college,
you have to include it somehow!

Our rings. I had to show the best man how to tie and
untie them!

The pillow with our cake toppers. The pillow will stay with us

And a baby quilt to sew, for a lovely bridesmaid and friend.

Somewhere I've got in progress pictures of the major blocks, but
I'll be dipped if I can find them right now.

All together now!

The backing.

Layering it up!

Some doodling to get into the swing of things.

Adding the binding is always better with beer!

Faith-Ann is just a monster when it comes to sewing.
Four layers of fabric and a layer of batting?

Completing the circuit.

A little bit of sewing...

A little bit of folding...

TADAH! The magic of binding.

The best way to spend a chilly winter evening--hand stitching the
binding to the back of the quilt.

It's a very warm quilt!

What you don't see here are the cats I was constantly fending off!

The label. 

And we're done!

Kaylee's umbrella.

Mal's coat.

Inara's tea.

River's axe.

Simon's medical bag (ragh, forgot to rotate this one!)

Jayne's hat.

Book's... book.

Wash and Zoe. D'aww.

Two by two...

hands of blue.

Flames. Because what baby quilt doesn't need some kickass flame quilting?

More flames!

Little stars.

So yes, I have been quilting, and I haven't given up on this hobby yet, not by a long shot. I just feel like I've spent the last few months scrambling to get my feet back on the ground, and only now have I had the time to breathe and focus on something other than working out the particulars of my new life with my wonderful and loving husband. Thank you for your patience with this photo dump, the next post will have a bit more substance to it, I promise!


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