A Day Off

A spring morning.

So, after discovering that today was predicted to be 70 degrees, sunny, and beautiful as the blazes, I decided to take today off from work. I have a few personal days saved up that need using, and I figured it was better to get the spring madness out of my system rather than ants it out at work.

A start.

At the quilt show in Lancaster I finally decided to bite the bullet and pick up a Wing Clipper ruler. Now, I actually have one of Deb Tucker's magical little rulers, but I'm ashamed to say I've never used it. And since the JT2 quilt calls for so. Many. Damn. Geese, I figured it was a worthwhile purchase.

How worthwhile?

All lined up and nowhere to go.

Ain't it beautiful?

Now, being the dork that I am, that finished block above was of course in the wrong color pattern. But that ruler is a godsend, it saved me so much time, fabric, and effort, and the blocks turned out absolutely picture perfect.

You can see one of them between the two blocks on top.

So now I have to assemble the rest of the beast. Except that my Lemoyne Star, pitiful to begin with, is a good 1/4'' too short in all directions to assemble into the quilt. I'm pretty good at fudging seams if I need to, but this is way out of my league. So I'm going to have to try and find someone with the Lemoyne Deb Tucker ruler so I can knock this one out and be done with the first quarter. Though truth be told, I may just make it out of HST's just so I can be rid of this project.

A funny thing happened at the Lancaster Show--I was wandering around one of the secondary rooms when Ann tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Marisa, you work at Drexel, right?"

It turns out that one of my compatriots at the school, who I'd never met, had lost their card! A few hurried email exchanges back and forth, and I managed to meet up with the owner of the card. It turns out she is a quilter as well, and just as pleased as I was to discover a fellow sewing fanatic. As if that weren't enough, she told me about a lovely little quilt guild in the area, that meets not more than 5 minutes away from where I catch the train every day. So I'm planning on attending their April meeting, and will hopefully be able to finish my application if all goes well to become a member. Yipee!

Last but certainly not least, Glenn's grandmother Grammie surprised me at the last family gathering this past Saturday. It turns out one of her machines that she'd donated to the craft room at the community where she lives wasn't being used, so she decided to rescue it and send it to someone who would use it constantly--namely, me! 

It's a solid Singer Merritt 4530, and I really can't wait to start sewing with it. I haven't had time yet to sit down and give it a good cleaning, but I'm looking forward to making it my new 'modern' machine, especially since it came with a clear applique foot! This way I'll have the Janome to lend out to my friends should they need a machine. Though to be honest, I'm almost certain they would just rather send me whatever they have that needs mending!

That's all from me for now; I have to get ready for work tomorrow, but this weekend I will be home without obligations or video games that need beating. You know what that means--more quilting!


  1. First time I made flying geese for the JT2 quilt using the Wing Clipper, I mixed up the geese and sky colors too! But that ruler is indeed a fantastic thing, and I don't think I can ever again make flying geese without it.

    1. Amen! I'm just kicking myself now for not getting the Lemoyne ruler while I was there; I don't suppose you or Beppie have that ruler, do you?


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