Desert Bus and Crafting :)

So this happened.

That's right--the quilt sold for $310! Can't even begin to describe how thunderstruck I was when I saw the final total. I just hope the new owner enjoys the lovely bus quilt; it was a labor of love and sacrifice, but by golly I finished it on time!
Continuing from my endeavors in case making from my last blog post, I decided to make the PSP case Mark 2.0. My wonderful, darling mother got me a PS Vita for Christmas, and so I want to make sure I have a neat little case for it when I get to unwrap it on Christmas Day. However, since it is currently languishing in a closet while we wait for the 25th (rassafrassa :P), I turned my attentions to a better PSP case.

The outside of the case.

While rummaging around in my closet I discovered I had about half a yard left of the Pellon fusible fleece I use to make the bow-tuck purses. Perfect for this application, it turns out!

The inside fabric, fused to the fleece but before trimming.

I actually used a number of techniques from those purses to make the case. The fleece was fused to the inside fabric, and I used the same method for sewing the halves together to make everything look neat un tidy.

The assembly begins!

I also used the same basic techniques from the first case. With flannel you have a lot more wiggle room to make mistakes in your measurements and while assembling the pieces; when you're working with bulky fusible fleece and cotton that's been starched, it becomes a lot more difficult!

An inside look at the case.

I sewed the halves of the inside to the middle strip starting at the bottom; this gave me a bit more flexibility in positioning it on Faith-Ann's table, and also meant it would be a bit more accurate than if I'd started the seam on either 'end'.

Finished and turned inside out so you can see how pretty it is.

With the inside all sewn, it was time to move on to the outside covering. If I make another one of these I will probably take the time to attach fleece to the outside. While it would be more bulky, it would mean more padding for my precious electronics!


One half done!

The outside went together just like the inside, only it was a lot easier and more flexible. 

Together at last!

I was a little lazy here; I used white thread to attach the two halves together when I really should have just gotten out my black thread. Oh well. Thankfully the kitties are outlined in white on the case anyways, so it's not that bad looking. I left a small, inch wide gap at the top of the case to turn everything inside out.

So how did it come out?


The PSP in said case.

Just the case.

All in all, I'm proud of it! Still needs a little work, and I need to remember to cut the outside covering a bit wider than the inside (to make room for those bulky seams), but I'm very pleased with it. It's neat, it's pretty, and holds my PSP snug as a bug. A little too snugly, perhaps, but at the very least there's more padding than there was before!

I'm going to try to do some quilting this weekend (taking a break from the general crafting), so keep an eye out for those red and white blocks you've been missing!


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