Welcome Desert Bussers!

To those of you stumbling across my blog for the first time, welcome! I'd like to give you a quick rundown on who I am, what I do, and how much I appreciate your stopping by (because I really do appreciate it!).

  • I wanted to make a quilt for DB 5, but unfortunately missed the submission period.
  • I plan on making another quilt for DB 7!
  • I am interested in commissions! Leave me a comment below if you're interested in commissioning a quilt from me. Or something else entirely! I'm up for anything, really.
  • I post here weekly, or at least I try to. Now that the weather is getting colder I will be quilting a lot more.
  • If you'd like to see the posts about the Desert Bus quilt, just click on the "Desert Bus" tag on this post. It will take you to all the other posts about the quilt!
I haven't done much quilting the past two weeks; Glenn and I are still trying to get everything settled at the new house, nevermind keeping up with our lives. But I did take some time to knock out a case for my PSP as a little stress buster one morning.

Drawing the pattern.

I woke up bored last week, and since Glenn and I weren't doing anything and I had this adorable flannel print lying around, I decided to take a whack at making a new case.

Measuring out the width of the PSP.

I traced around the PSP on a piece of paper, then added a quarter inch and cut it out. I then measured the width, added that lovely little seam allowance, and cut a strip of fabric to length.

The rough pieces.

Once they were ready, I cut a small curve into the bottom of both pieces. This picture is actually a little inaccurate; right after I took it I realized I needed to recut the back piece so that it would have a flap to hold the PSP in. D'oh!

The end result!

A little velcro and top-stiching later, and I had a slim, adorable case to protect the PSP! This is just a proof-of-concept case; now that I know I can make it, I'm going to go back and make a new version that's padded with some batting for added protection. I might use some of my lovely patterned fabric for the outside, and keep the flannel to the inside to protect the screen. I'm already eyeing my stash, trying to work out what to put in the pattern!

Also, I did a little more work on the Just Takes 2 blocks... I'm so far behind, but I need to get into the sewing groove before I'll be ready to tackle some of these blocks.

Bleh. Going to need to redo this one I think.

So that's what I've been up to quilting wise. I'll have another post tomorrow summarizing the result of the auction. I'll be watching it almost all day!


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