Believe it or not, I have been quilting. Honest!

And I brought video proof!

Let's see, what sort of pictures do I have in my 'to be uploaded and blogged about' folder?

Oh yeah! I finally finished the feathered star:

Actually pretty pleased with it.

Yeah, it's a little wonky in a couple places, but once I double
check the size it shouldn't be an issue.

Close up it looks a little goofy in a couple places, but oh well.

Pretty proud of myself for those seams looking as nice as they do!

I made a TV organizer (which we desperately needed):

And the poor thing is already stuffed!

I finished quilting and binding most of the placemats (two more to go!) and the table runner:

So blue!
We got to use them for the first time last night, it was so nice
to have a 'safe' place to rest our forks and stuff.

Did I mention I hand-stitched the binding? Yeah, never doing it
all by machine again, it looks way too pretty when I finish
it by hand.

The table runner. It's a little too big to go in most places,
so I'm still hunting for a good spot for it.

Anything else?

Oh yes. We went grocery shopping.

Is comfortables.

Sigh. TC, please tell me you're--

Never mind.

Okay, so hopefully now that I've cleared out my backlog of pictures and quilting activities I won't feel like it's such a great hurdle to do a post. I've got pictures somewhere of my progress on the LRR charity quilt which I'll talk about next week. I have to finish the binding on the other two placemats, and I have to show off my new fabric storage space that I got this weekend--it makes it so much more fun to work on projects when I can see everything at once, and don't feel like the stash is overflowing into the rest of the bedroom!

Hope everyone's been well this past month, and I'll see you back here next Sunday. :) Cheers!


  1. Hooray for catching up! Bring your Featherweight to NH and we will catch up more.


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