Urf. Too Much Sun!

Let this cat be a warning to you--wear sun screen!
I got all roasty toasty at the Lake House over Memorial Day weekend. I had an absolute blast, but I wish I'd worn sunscreen; my skin is only just now turning back to normal!

Along with skin color, my quilting is getting back to normal. After putting things off for so long while working on Gideon, it's been a slow process getting back into the saddle. But I think I'm working out the kinks after being away from piecing and quilting in general for so long with a new project!

The design so far.
It's a lap quilt for Desert Bus, which is quite possibly the bestest charity drive ever. They get together every year and play Desert Bus. For hours. 24 hours a day, to be precise, until the donations run dry. As part of the festivities, they auction off various items and objects to help increase the money they've raised. I got approval this year to make a quilt! I wanted to participate last year, but I was a little too slow to get in the frenzy of submissions.

My awesome template.
As you might have noticed, it's a relatively simple block, just a bunch of circles and arrows, and an appliqued bus. I used my trusty coffee mug to make a template...

So high tech.
Then I cut it out, and folded it into quarters.

Obviously not folded yet!
Hrmm... Needs more practice I think.
>< Guess I'm not that good at it yet. In my defense, the circles are really small; the block is only about 4 inches square. I ordered a quilting foot that should help things, and I'm going to upgrade to thick template plastic, which will allow me to make much better pieces to throw together.

A variation.
I'm not giving up on this one--good thing I have until September to piece it all together; I think I need to spend some time getting used to piecing complicated seams. After all this, I'm going to be happy to go back to straight lines!

The start of a pattern.
That's all I have for today; Ann and Glenn and I spent a lovely day at the quilt shop, Panera, and Avengers (for the third time in theaters--it's still awesome!), and I got plenty of fabric to fiddle and meddle with. Keep an eye out for a post next week, hopefully featuring the return of the 401a I rescued from the thrift store--both she and Gideon are at Tom's The Antique Cellar for a spa treatment, and for Tom to pull his hair out over what I've done to Gideon. :) Cheers!


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