Quilting in Good Company

A wild sister appears!
Yes, Christina came along for her first quilt show!

I don't think she quite realized the whirlwind tour of the various fabric shops and the show itself--I know my head was spinning, and I went last year.

Oh, the trouble we'll get in to!
The stores were absolutely mobbed with quilters from the show; we could hardly find a corner to compare fabrics for a bargello we wanted to try. But everyone was lovely, and Ann and Betsy (who managed to escape my camera!) were wonderful in helping us pick out fabric and get into trouble.

And oh boy, did we ever.
Don't worry, neither one of us bought all of that--everything in the back row was Christina, everything in the front row was me.

Finally found that darn flower print!
I picked up a toon of batiks; I needed them all for the hanging Neenie picked out for me, so you'll be seeing that come out in the blog in the coming weeks.

Blues for the bargello!
In addition to the supplies for the wall hanging, I found some lovely blues for a bargello from the book Neenie bought for me. I really want a table runner and placemats for the tables at the apartment, and since Glenn likes blue I figured it wouldn't hurt to stick to his colors. :) Now if only the futon matched... Perhaps that will be on the docket for another day!

Some of Daioh's fabrics.
Christina wanted to try a bargello herself, but in purple; I think she managed to get a much better value shift throughout her fabrics, but I think mine will stand out a little bit more.

The quillow!
It took some doing, but I managed to talk Christina out of purchasing a quilt at one of the stores. It's actually a topic I want to talk about in the future, so expect a blog post on it eventually! She wound up buying a cute little butterfly quillow. She's a sucker for butterflies. ;-)

In actuality, I think Daioh and I came out about even in the spending, but we'll conceal the final tally for propriety's sake. Next post will cover some of the actual sewing we did!

Unfortunately, even though I took a ton of pictures with my lovely new camera, I found out that the AQS has been enforcing rules concerning the posting of quilt pictures without the creator's permission. While I aboslutely understand the copyright concerns, and that some quilters might be unscrupulous and try to copy another's work from my pictures, I still find it to be a great disappointment that I cannot share my thoughts and appreciation for these quilts with you all. In short, I will not be posting pictures of the quilts here.

In addition, I just found out I've hit my photo limit for Blogger. What does this mean? Well, I'm not quite sure. I'm not ready to move to another hosting service, and since I plan to eventually paying for more storage space isn't really an option. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do at this point. In the meantime, I'm using Photobucket to host my pictures and post them, but it's a pain in the butt and I'm not sure how much longer I'll use that method.

Anyways, I'll see you all next week!


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