Variations on a Theme of Blue

My new quilt inspector.
Baron is quite the character. I don't think a single day has gone by without him doing something completely ridiculous and silly. See: opening cupboards, burrowing under the covers, opening doors, trying to meld with Glenn.

Kinda hard to see, but...
I'm finding all these reasons to love working with Faith-Ann; I think it's something in my genes from my dad. He loves to tinker with antique cars, and it would seem I also have a knack and love of tinkering with sewing machines. I found out the reason the lightbulb goes out on occasion is because the leads inside the socket are a little askew--some poking with a screwdriver improved the situation somewhat. Later this week I'll be getting brand new rubber feet for the bottom, but that's going to be a challenge and a half, since some screws are missing and some of the feet are glued on. Should be fun!

As for actual sewing, today was more HST's in blue. I'm aiming for two blocks of each blue fabric, to be scattered about the quilt. I'm falling more and more in love with the colors as I work with them. No plans for this quilt once it's finished, but it might be my first quilt I'll try to sell. We'll see!

I really like the dark blue on the far right. But how does it look on the right side?

Beautiful blues!

Sadly, this project is going to go on temporary hold--you might have noticed the new little badge in my sidebar. Ann showed me this little quilt-along project inspired by the Infinite Variety Quilt Show. You can find out more about it here at the site for the quilt project. It's called Just Takes 2. I'm super excited because I'm going for the boring (to some) choice of sticking to red and white. The fabric will be in my lap come Monday, so I'll have plenty of pictures of my blocks to share. I'm so nervous, it gets right to the punch with some applique, so we'll see how well this works. Wish me luck!


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