Where the devil have you been?

I don't know nuffin'.

Well, a number of places. Without taking up too much time in the blog for updating folks on my personal life (since most of you have already heard it all), here is the tldr; version of the past few months:

Quit the computer repair job, applied for a job at Drexel University later that week, got first interview the following Monday, got second interview the week after, job offer a day or two after that, started commuting into the city every day for work, got a new kitty, still trying to work out this whole working real full time.

Okay? I'm going to try to work out a sewing schedule, since I no longer have time to just spend a day quilting (ah, how I miss college already!). Expect blog posts on Sundays or Saturdays, I promise.

I also have another motivator for sewing more... On Christmas morning, my parents insisted I open a certain present first.

My heart about stopped when I opened her.
Yes, my parents got me a Featherweight. :D

She was made April 1st, 1941, just a month and a year earlier than my grandmother Neenie, for whom she is named. I decided to call her Faith-Ann, for the two people who have gotten me into sewing at two different points in my life. The best part?

Look at that faceplate!
Yup, she's an Egyptian scroll faceplate--my dream Featherweight.

I just got her back from the Byrne Sewing Connection this afternoon, and I finally got a chance to do some real sewing with her. It's such a change to use her compared to my Janome (which just went to the shop for some spa time)--she's very slow compared to the Janome, she takes her time and makes each stitch count. She's also quieter; TC was more than happy to keep napping by the heater while I sewed, something she'd never do if I was using the Janome. She stitches like a dream, and is in perfect working order. I plan to use her as my main piecing machine, and keep the Janome for quilting and binding.

I'm still in shock that my parents did this for me. I know how much money these can cost! According to my mom my dad was like a man possessed after talking with his boss (who I need to thank!), insisting on getting one for me while my grandparents were visiting. They kept it a secret with Glenn's help all fall and up to Christmas; I had no idea they had planned this!

So enough babbling, here's some more pictures of the lovely lady and her work. Thank you so much Mom and Dad, she's an absolute dream and I'm never letting her go.

Beautimous seams--love the seam marker, but I'm still gettings used to it!

Some HST's, waiting to be ironed.
Possible block I might use them in... I think it's very pretty
with the blue and the cream.
I've got a whole pack of blues in FQ's I plan to cut up and pair with creams and whites for just a really pretty, simple quilt. All of the piecing is going to be done on the Featherweight, and the quilting will be done on the Janome once it's back from the shop. Can't wait to see how the other blues play out!

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope to see you back here next week. :)


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