I was born this way!

Okay, so I don't have a real blog post this week because holy mother of god my thesis is due next week aaaaaaah, but I did take the time to do some experimenting to both unwind after a long week and because, well, I'd had this idea kicking around in my head after I saw a particular ruler and thought, "Heck, I'm a resourceful and creative quilter, I don't need that tool!" So I did some cutting, some sewing, some ironing, and some trimming, and I think I've found a super awesome method for making HSTs. And no, it doesn't involve piecing the individual triangles together, this is way cooler and faster. As in, 9 of the block you see above in less than 45 minutes. I have no idea if it's a speed record globally but it is for me.

I will probably take another stab at it this weekend, so there might be another post. I don't know. It all depends on how much editing aaaaaaaah I get done. Enjoy the block I made for you, and ponder just what's got me so excited.

PS: Jess needs to stop distracting me with Glee, I totally could have gotten this out in half an hour.


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